Sunday, August 16, 2009

in another life

In another life, I would like to be a chef.

Neill and I checked out Julie & Julia on Friday and it was so amazing to see delicious food blown up on a huge screen. And to think about butter. And flavors. And how fucking amazing it is to cook and meld flavors and then to chew chew chew chew your food. (because chewing is seriously the best part, isn't it?) So mark my words people, if and when I have a midlife crisis (and I think we all know I will), I will become a chef. Or maybe start some new kind of therapy that involves lots of steak cooked in butter.

On another note - apparently only people 40 and older go to the movies on a Friday night. Sometimes being unhip is fun :)

p.s. here is the link to the blog Julie & Julia is based on. I hit the back button many many many times so that I could link to the very first post. you're welcome!

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