About Me

I originally started This Is How It Goes as an outlet to write about my everyday experiences. After getting engaged, I became increasingly interested in wedding planning and this blog became a place to document the ups and downs of wedding planning. Now that I'm married, I am looking forward to writing about a larger range of topics -- food, politics, pop-culture, home design, restaurants, and married life.

I am currently (slowly) chipping away at my PhD in Clinical Psychology and I'm hoping to add a little one to our family in the near future.  I try to be mindful of balancing work and family and it also happens to be the topic of my thesis! My husband is a smarty pants and pretty much amazes me. Often. He is also in a band.

I'm a city girl at heart and my husband is a transplant from the mountains of West Virgina. Right now we live in a small condo in the Bucktown/Wicker Park area and love being in the middle of it all, but one day we'll move to our forever home with two floors, a yard, room for a dog, and  . . .  a girl can dream.

Feel free to contact me at marriedinchicago@gmail.com