Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Big Blog News: Change of Address

After blogging at this url for almost three years, I've decided to make a big change and move on over to a new address. That's right. I'll be giving up my home at and moving in at While I'm feeling a bit sentimental leaving my first internet home (sniff sniff), I'm really excited to settle in to the new spot. It feels good to start 2011 off in a new home.

Married in Chicago
Just like moving in real life, moving all of my content over to the new url was much more difficult then I anticipated. Packing up 437 posts takes time! Thankfully, Neill is a computer wiz! If we did everything correctly, you shouldn't even notice the change in location. I've brought over all of my old content and so the new blog is pretty darn similar to this one. I did make a few small changes to the layout, which should make it even easier to navigate. Go check them out!

While I am saying goodbye to this url, I hope I'm not saying goodbye to all of you. Update your bookmarks and come say hi over at Married in Chicago.

catch you on the flip side!

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