Friday, October 16, 2009

stay punk

After the excitement of getting our engagement picture preview from Alix, the rest of the week was pretty blah. I had a lot of long days this week and there is just no way around how much that sucks. I am thankful for three things though:

1. my new phone has some addicting games that make my hour long commute much more bearable. (on the down side, I'm no longer using my train time productively to get reading done. Ooops.)

2. yesterday, while waiting for the north avenue bus, someone was standing too close to the curb and a car, speeding down the shoulder, ran through the huge nasty dirty rain water puddle that had accumulated (because apparently chicago streets just accumulate water instead of draining) and COMPLETELY soaked the front of that dude's clothes. It sucked . . .for him. Anyways, I'm not thankful for that happening to him. But, I am thankful that it didn't happen to me!

3. Neill. I've just got to give a shout out to Neill for being so wonderful this week. He really went above and beyond to make sure there was dinner on the table and I had food to bring for lunch. I heart him because without his help, I would have definitely been surviving on pickle sandwiches and poptarts out of the vending machines. Instead I got to have yummy homemade fried rice, yummy homemade casserole, delicious chicken tortilla soup, and homemade bread pudding! Don't forget to wish him a happy birthday on November 2nd- which is fast approaching!

I also have a nerdy story to share with you. I'm in the process of putting together a project to present at MPA. And it is sooooo fun! Way more fun than classes and homework and all the other crap I have to do. I'm actually self motivated to work on this! And its cool that I have the chance to do that and actually get paid (pennies) for it! Today I'm going to pull out my old notebook from college to relearn moderational analysis and get to work. I'm pumped! Once I have the results I'll share the project with you because I know that you guys will want to be the first to know! Unfortunately, it isn't on anything juicy like SEX - but it is still interesting. Actually, you can check out my lab's website here. It sounds more boring than it actually is - promise.

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Anonymous said...

thanks babe!! i didn't know you had a loyola homepage, it's cool! :-D