Saturday, November 14, 2009


what's been on my mind lately?


besides the normal school life whatever worries, i'm starting to get really nervous it is going to rain on our wedding day.

The inside of Volo is very cute and cozy, but we fell in love with the outside courtyard and it would just be a shame to not be able to enjoy that space. Plus, that is where we are planning to get married. I seriously have *no* idea what we will do if it is raining. If the weather is bad there is a tent they can put up that covers the courtyard, but even if people are protected from the rain they won't be protected from the cold/humidity/whatever mother nature decides to curse us with.

There is also the problem of numbers. Everyone just won't be able to fit inside. It is that simple. Eeek.

June is usually a beautiful month, but do you remember last June?!?! Not so beautiful. More cold and rainy. So, I need everyone to start praying now for good weather on June 12th. 7 months of prayers should be enough to keep the sun out, right?


Anonymous said...

ok, i'm praying too, but it'll be fine no matter what the weather's like cause at the end of the day, we'll be married!!!! :-D

The Introitus said...