Sunday, December 20, 2009

ooo boy

oh life.

did me and gracie do it up right last night. We started out with dinner at Green Tea and then moved on to drinks at Raven's. It was so fun to go out with my girl and just have a good time! We met quite an interesting, extremely drunk man at the bar who was freaking hilarious. and he had his dog with him! a very friendly pit bull named duke. gracie also gave me the best freaking chanukah present! it had the perfect shade of blue, birds, and blue/yellow combo. seriously wonderful. After that, we went back to her lovely new apartment and kept our party of two going until 6 in the morning.

well not that late, but you get what I mean.

And now I'm wasting time on a lazy Sunday morning before I start packing to leave for WV tomorrow.

oh life feels a-o-k.

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