Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm baaaack!

hello there! long time no speak. i've missed you! i'm sorry i've been gone so long, but i was busy doing some sorta important things like getting married (!!!!) and enjoying a glorious 11 night honeymoon in negril. i've blogged off and on about our wedding for a year and a half. so - it is only fitting that i take some time to say goodbye to my wedding. so what does this mean? recaps! painfully detailed recaps decorated with beautiful photographs. i want to do this for two reasons. firstly, i'd like to document the whole shebang for myself. i find that if i don't write things down, they escape me. in twenty years or so, i think it will be nice for neill and me to be able to look back and read a complete narrative of our wedding. secondly, i want a chance to revel in the wonderfulness of the day and share the joy with all of you!


i can't recap just quite yet. because really, what would recaps be without our pictures? nothing. thats what. so the recaps will begin once i get our pro-photos. i promise you, they are worth the wait. don't believe me? see a teaser after the jump!

[all photos by Alix Klingenberg]

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The Grand Duchy said...

so excited for the recap!!!!