Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gift Guide: For Me!


1. Neill gave me a Longchamp bag last Christmas and it has been my everyday bag since then. Unfortunately, it hasn't held up very well and the corners of the bag are developing holes. Even though now I know that these bags aren't the best for everyday use, this red one would be the perfect once in a while bag.

2. I know the perfect spot for these John-Paul Philippé Framed Sketches!

3. I'm hopping on the colored tights trend (I'm just a year or so late). But, I'd love a pair or two in rich, jewel tone colors.

4. I tend to wear a lot of black and so accessories are an easy way to add color. These turquoise earrings are so fun.

5. During the windy Chicago winters my ears get so cold! I would love to have a pair of warm earmuffs to keep my lobes toasty.

6. I find that I spend about 500 dollars every semester on my textbooks. That means that a gift card to Amazon is always appreciated!

7. Here is another trend I'm just catching on to, albeit a few years late. These Hunter rain boots are at the top of my list! I had to travel through a bad rainstorm on Monday and that was the last straw. I need a pair of rain boots! Plus, I've also read that with a pair of warm socks these are good for snow because of the traction on the soles.

8. This cute little owl just makes me smile.

9. Since my Longchamp is starting to fall apart (literally), I really need a sturdy bag that can stand up to everyday use. I have high hopes for this Fossil bag.

10. I originally found this Bobbi Brown makeup palette for my mom, but I want one too! You get so many choices with just one compact!


Terese said...

as a fellow chicagoan, i can vouch for the hunters as snow boots. i have the fleece liners and they are SO WARM in the winter and great in the snow!

Married In Chicago said...

Thanks for the input, Terese! Now I'm totally set on wanting a pair. I hope Santa brings me one :)