Saturday, August 2, 2008

another day another dollar

These past few days have gone by so quickly. After going to Piece last Tuesday with Grace and Alex, I came home to spend some quality time with Neill. We had a great night with each other and it put me in a totally good mood. We had just finished the movie 21 (about the MIT student who counts cards in Vegas and wins a ton of money playing blackjack) and so to continue our theme we watched the movie Rounders. Neill had seen it many years ago, but it was a new one to me. It was funny to see Matt Damon so young, but the movie was good! A lot more heartfelt than 21.

On Wednesday I spent more quality time with Grace. We lounged at her place for a while and then trekked over to Marshall's. I got this awesome black and white casual button down shirt with a tie around the waist (which I wore on Friday and received many compliments on). After shopping, we had dinner at a yummy chinese restaurant I had never been to called New Jeanny's. Egg rolls, veggie tempura, and mongolian beef--oh my! Then , I went home and James came over. I hadn't seen him in what felt like a month so it was awesome to catch up with him. This is one of the first (if not the first time) we have spent time alone and it went swimmingly. I was glad to have someone to vent to about work and what not. Before long, Neill came and picked us up and we down to Union Station so pick Jayson up from his megabus stop. I love riding around downtown when its dark outside. I'm usually never around there at night and its awesome to get a chance to see the city all lit up and people watch. I wish I took pictures :(

After all that activity in one day I was soooooo tired. I usually shy away from filling up my days so much. I would much rather relax and take things slow than rush about from one thing to another. If I had the choice between having a day where I could putter around the house/relax/cuddle with neill/do whatever or having a day where I had back to back activities that were exciting and fun, I would choose the former. Does that make me weird? Maybe. I can't help it though--I'm a unique blend of loner and homebody.

Anyways, Thursday was back to work for me (blah). But after work and gym, Neill and Jayson grilled. Yum! It is crazy how much meat he and jayson can consume. I can't imagine what it was like for their mother at dinner time with 5 boys to feed!

That bring us to yesterday. It was time to hit the pool again, but my heart just wasn't in it. I had worked out hard everyday since Tuesday (with a double workout on Tuesday!) and I think my body just needed a break. But, since I had a swimming date with Grace I tried to suck it up. Note to self: trying to swim laps when I'd much rather be cuddling does not work. I don't think I ended up swimming more than a 500. Most of the time I was horsing around with Grace/trying to get a tan. Oh well. At least it was fun. After swimming, Neill and I went to Piece (again). I got the dark and curvy again (yum) and we ordered a HUGE pizza with spinach, mushroom, anchovies (1/2), and pepperoni (1/2). DELICIOUS!!!!!! Waiting for a seat at that place is a bitch and sort of made me cranky, but in hindsight their pizza is worth. Of course during the wait I wanted to give up and just go to Santullo's where I know I'd be able to have a yummy piece of pizza in 30 seconds, but I'm glad I didn't cave.

After dinner I got to see Kurt and Jayson for a minute. They had just gotten back from Lollapalooza and were tired and stinky. Hearing about how crowded and hot it was made me glad that I didn't buy tickets. I think I would rather be at work (which I am) than be standing around all day feeling hot and gross. I can listen to all the music I want on my ipod :)

Speaking of work, I should probably do some.

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neillm said...

hey cutie, there's a lot to respond to in here, but i can't think of much at the moment. i enjoyed watching the card movies with you too! they were a lot of fun and decent to watch back to back.

the grilled food was amazing, btw ... but mmm, now i kinda want chinese food :-P