Thursday, August 7, 2008

articles that have changed my life

Many many moons ago, when I was still in high school, I got the best gift ever--a subscription to BUST magazine (note to self: add this website to my favorite links list). I love/d this magazine and, looking back, I'm so glad that I was reading such an awesome magazine rather than seventeen or glamour. I'm sure I read loads of awesome articles, but the one article that really made an impression on me then and still to this day dutifully remains linked on my myspace as my one and only blog entry was Meet the Whimpster (I couldn't find an archive of the article on bust's website, but this looks like the original piece). I LOVED this article. I read it over and over again and shared it with my friends. We would read it together and glance knowingly at the girls who were guilty of dating whimpsters. In our highschool world, this article unlocked MANY secrets.

Anyways, I had all but forgotten about the whimpster until I stumbled across another spot on article about the Manic Pixie Dream Girls. I pretty much agreed with 90% or more of this article--especially the part about Natalie Portman in Garden State. I hate that bitch. Ugh. And Kirstin Dunst (um Elizabethtown anyone? gag). Anyhoo, before I had even gotten to the end of the article about MPDGs it dawned on me that whimpters + MPDG = true love. Apparently, the writers over at jezebel had the same thought. And even though they dismiss the term as so four years ago, all I can think is as if. I heart that the women over at jezebel remember the whimpster, and I'm so glad that they reminded me of it :)

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neillm said...

MPDG is a catchy name, but it's not clear what it *is* from the article. just to be sure, they're talking about natalie portman's character in the movie, and not natalie herself, right?

in any case, it's entertainment, and there's always main characters that aren't as developed as other main characters. i think i see what they're getting at, but i also think it's up to the writer how he wants to portray characters. it's ultimately not his fault that we as a society tend to like (i.e. pay for) movies with characters like that, no?

i dunno. whimpster is still funny though. quite vague since it encompasses a lot of people as the signature traits, but funny.