Sunday, January 11, 2009

i'll never tell

I finally have my flickr account back up and running. A while ago, I let my proaccount lapse on flickr so I stopped uploading my pictures. Without a pro account, flickr limits the number of pictures you can upload, the number of pictures you can access, and the organizational tools available. Since I wasn't really able to do a whole lot without the pro account, i just stopped uploading pictures. I decided sometime around the holidays that I wanted to get back into flickr though, so because santa didn't bring a pro account on xmas, I bought myself one! Now, I can access all of my old pictures again (w/out the pro account, they were hidden from me. bogus). Today -- on my wonderful lazy sunday off -- I spent a good while going through all my old pictures. Ah memories.

I also started a new book. I'm waiting for the new wally lamb book to come in the mail, so I started reading Hey Nostradamus! by Douglas Coupland. I'm not very good at discussing the literary merits (or demerits) of literature, so I won't even try. But so far I like it and thats enough said for me.

Neill and I also started watching True Blood - that series on showtime about VAMPIRES. we just finished the first episode and me likes it! I'm much more drawn to continue watching that show than Dexter, which we also started a few days ago. We watched the third episode today and I'm still feeling sorta eh about it. I dont like the guys sister. she annoys me. maybe im missing something, but the show just doesn't do it for me. but ive heard such good good good things about it, so i havent written it completely off. but true blood, ahh, i can tell i'm already hooked.

Ah. I'm so happy to be off of work! I had such a good time last night hanging out with neill and james. We drank. We merried. We stopped at under dog. It was so fun to just hang out and go out on a satuday night. it has been much much much too long since i've done that. you can see the pictures (and movies) i took last night on flickr! (or check out that box to the right of this post . . . i just added this gadget to my blog so that it would be easy to link directly to flickr from here). What would vacation be without tooling around online? hehe.

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The California King said...

i am jealous that you are watching True Blood.