Wednesday, January 14, 2009

red letter year

i suddenly realized that blogging has become somewhat cathartic for me. and relaxing. or, part of my relaxation routine. its a happy realization - comforting.

its sunday night in alishaville. I haven't been to work since saturday (the real saturday). aaah sweet sweet bliss. i love my job. i love the people i get to interact with (co-workers, volunteers, interns, workstudy, everyone). i love the work we do. all this love, however, doesn't make saving the world any less exhausting! I think its all that forced interaction. yall know that im usually content to retreat to my bedroom and wander around my mind - alone. I'm remembering a time at Knox - my senior year. I was parked in my room (the one downstairs) just sort of sitting and Nish imd me. He asked me why I was sitting in my room when everyone else was hanging out in the living room. And, you know, I didn't really have a good answer. and I still don't. I just like being alone :) Always have and I suspect I always will.

anyway, at work, there is none of that. i don't have any way to regulate my interaction. In other words, I can't just "shut my office door" (as i don't have an office.ha.) all that talking totally makes me sleeeeepy. heh heh.

that being said, i think i get lots of positive things from working. hence the give and take continues.

mmm. im all warm and cozy right now. I just got out of the tub. soaking in the tub is a lost art. at least it was/is for me. but shit it feels good. im so zenned (sp??) out right now. reading in the tub is ++++ especially when you get to read the new wally lamb book. :P

things to do before bed:
finish laundry, read at least another 40 pages, and declutter desk.


Anonymous said...

winter is a good time to stay in :-)

Stephanie said...

You always love being alone. That's why it's so hard to get you out. We should have one of our dinners with Neil that we talked about before I moved.

I used Google alerts to keep tabs on things like my company, my blog name and Knox College. What it sends you are news/blog alerts.
Just enter you search term and they will come in your email. For example you could do NRS or something.

Rico said...


i almost bought it yesterday but it was too expensive aka i'm poor. is it good? i hope so.

and yes, you do like being alone.