Wednesday, May 20, 2009

life of leisure

So . . . it's been just over two weeks since my last day at NRS. I've got to admit, I haven't missed it once. Not that I haven't missed the wonderful people at NRS, but I haven't missed working. This sounds so bougie of me, but let's be honest -- that is just the way I can be (somtimesalot).

Let's walk through a day in the life of someone who is unemployed by choice:

9:30 - wake up from the sunlight streaming through the windows.

10:00 - enjoy a cup of coffee and cereal

10:30 - play guitar hero with Neill on our new Wii (courtesy of an amazing engagement present from Kurt)

11:30 - sit outside on the balcony enjoying the sun and reading (perhaps enjoy the sun a little bit too much and get sunburned. oops!)

1:00 - lunch!

2:00 - Go work out in an empty gym and dominate two of the four TVs since no one else is trying to use them.

4:00 - run to Olivia's market to buy last minute ingredients for tapas (Serrano ham, manchego cheese, dates, and bacon)

5:00 10:30 - prepare a delicious tapas spread with friends, and eat and drink myself silly (okay, I'll be honest - mainly eat), and plan and then book a trip to Puerto Rico (to leave on July 4th!)

11:00 - clean up with hubby to be (who really did an amazing job cleaning up earlier so there is very little to do) and then sweet sleep.

All to be repeated the next day with some variations.

life is so so so sweet


Stephanie said...

Jealous... :(

So with all your freedom you will be coming to the beach on Sat?! More sunburn?

The California King said...

you are living the dream.

The Introitus said...

i saw the event on facebook! i wanna go, but unfortunately i'e already dedicated myself to helping my mom pack/move on saturday. boo.

but maybe we could do something next weekend?