Monday, May 11, 2009

quick update

neill and i just got back into town after our quick trip to toledo to watch jared graduate college. yay! that really deserves a full, well thought out post with pictures so I am tabling it for now. but just know that it is coming!

what i wanted to update you on right now is my cleaning progress. Today, I tackled the fan in the living room (gross. that experience alone is enough to convince me never to go that long again without dusting our fans!) and the front closet - my own personal organizational nightmare. How can one neatly store everything and, jackets, cold weather gear, a tennis racket, a vacuum, a giant extension cord, umbrellas, random shelves that fit in to our fridge, back packs, etc.

I don't think I ever fully realized just how many scarfs I own! But hey, when you live in chicago i suppose its necessary to own your own personal arsenal of warm weather gear. If that means having three winter jackets, two hats, eight scarfs, and a variety of ear warmers and gloves, then so be it. (Although, I did purge two scarfs that I've had for two + years and have yet to wear).

What I have a major harder time aka cannot accept is keeping things that we never use. We have two board games in our front closet that we have NEVER opened. NEVER. We've had one of them for more than three years (which, as a side note, is actually something I bought him as a present and he still never opened) and another for about a year. I want to get rid of them sooooooooooooooo badly, but Neill wants to keep them. I let him win this one and they are staying, but their presence is seriously irking me.

okay thanks for reading my posts on the most boring topic in the world-cleaning.

more interesting things have happened and are happening, but i don't feel like talking about them as much.

+found out the names/began stalking the other kids who will be in my cohort next year at Loyola. There are 6 of us total, one boy.

+going to help my mom look at apartments later and then taking her out for dinner for mom's day

+wedding ideas and meetings taking place

+neill's family coming to Chicago this coming weekend to meet my family

+reading Obama's The Audacity of Hope

+vacation planning for the summer

im going to try and write super interesting posts on all of these things. just you wait and see. its going to be great.

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