Thursday, July 30, 2009


I'll admit it. i was intrigued by the smoke and mirrors.

Well, really just the smoke. No mirrors to speak of.

Plus one point for having a "cream soda" flavor. Yum. Minus one point, however, because I was encouraged to pair it with pomegranate. Perhaps it was my mistake for following their advice? But, I was so overwhelmed by all of their options that I just followed their directions blindly.

The end result was light and fruity. The ice-cream was not very creamy or rich, so it was easy to eat the whole cup. And I felt their "small" size was very generous.

Downside? 5 dollars for a small!!! That is some expensive so-so ice-cream.

I am somewhat interested in finding out about the hot pudding though. I do love me some puddin'.

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