Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sea Ranch

Boo. I thought I had the chance of being the first to review Sea Ranch, but apparently I'm one of the last to know. Hrm . . .guess I have to make it to Evanston more often.

I LOVED Sea Ranch. As Chris C. noted, this isn't a date night spot or some fancy shmancy sushi joint. Sea Ranch is primarily a grocery store. You can buy fresh fish, spices, and lots of yummy dessert items like Pocky and those little chocolate panda bears. It also happens to be a GREAT lunch spot or quick bite any time of day spot.

The ramen is oh so fabulous. I was so impressed by the pork broth  . . . so rich and tasty. This is not the ramen you ate in college (and possibly still eat . . . shame on you)! The ramen came with some california rolls that seemed really fresh. While we were primarily going to Sea Ranch to try their ramen, next time I think it will be a sushi run. They have an all you can eat deal for 20 bucks that seems like the route to go. Everyone at your table has to order it, so bring some hungry friends! nom nom nom.

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