Tuesday, February 2, 2010

chocolate coma

the other day, i dug out an unopened bag of hershey's kisses from our tea/coffee/chocolate shelf that were left over from christmas. Yay for me for having the self-control to leave them be for so long! Boo for me for making the mistake of opening them. tsk tsk tsk.

today, i planned to bring them to loyola to leave in the main office for others to munch on. and i even got so far as to put them in my bag and bring them to campus. but, then i forgot about them. until i got home, that is. because then i had like 12 of them. and they were de-licious. but now my stomach hurts and i'm not hungry for dinner :(

chocolate is truly my weakness.

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pink helicopter said...

I have eaten like half a bag of valentine hearts today. There are 32 servings in the bag. hmmmmmmmmm.