Monday, February 15, 2010

First Date

Yesterday, I happened upon some old pictures that I had saved in some random folder on my computer. It was so fun to take a trip down memory lane and see tons of pictures from when Neill and I first started dating. I thought I'd share some with you!

That's me on Neill's Couch on September 1, 2005 - our first date!

For our first date, I took a cab to his apartment from work and we ordered in Chinese food :) It was a bit of an awkward decision because I was under age (19 years old!) and he . . .well he wasn't (26 years old!). When he originally asked me out it didn't occur to him that I was so young - just like it didn't occur to me that he was so old! We talked about doing BYOB, but somehow decided it would just be easier to order in. Looking back now, I guess it wasn't a particularly fancy date or anything like that, but it was just our style.


Sitting at Neill's kitchen table, eating breakfast on September 2, 2005


Neill and me date number two - September 4th, 2005

For our second date a few days later, we went to lunch at The Golden Apple, a diner, and then spent time hanging out at a nearby park. And that was that! Later that afternoon I returned to Knox College in Galesburg, IL - a three and a half hour drive from Chicago. I knew I liked him, but I don't think either of us were sure if we would keep in touch or what would happen.

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