Monday, March 8, 2010

Ketubah Part IV - The Final Reveal

At this point I'm sure you know more details about our ketubah search than you ever wanted to! Thanks for sticking with me :)

In the end, we have chosen to go with Many Moons from New Ketubah. We liked the modern, understated style and that it is handmade. Also, we have chosen the secular text as we liked how this text acknowledged that we are in coming from two separate backgrounds.

I've got to be honest, writing this little series made me question all over again which Ketubah was right for us. As I hinted to, I really do find all of the ketubahs I showed you beautiful and I started wondering if perhaps I liked some of the other ones better that Many Moons. But, after an hour or two comparing the texts available for all of the different ketubahs I am reassured that we made the right decision.


And in case you haven't had enough:
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