Wednesday, March 17, 2010

st patties what?

i'm going to go against the grain here and just announce that i don't give a fuck that it is saint patrick's day. nope. not a hoot.

but you know what i do care about? saint patrick's day weekend marks the one year engage-iversary for my very best friend in the whole world, Grace, and her loveable fiance, Alex.

One of the first pictures I have of them together. Taken during our first few days of college

Gracie is a wonderful friend and an impeccable maid of honor. I'm beyond excited to return the favor and be her maid of honor in their upcoming October wedding. While lately I've definitely been more focused on me myself and I (hate to admit it), I was struck today on how soon their wedding is! There are officially 206 days until I cry my eyes out and then dance the night away in celebration of their nuptials. Which means I've got to start planning their jack and jill shower!

Blowing out their birthday candles at their joint birthday party last may (yes, they have the same birthday!)

Cheers to the funniest (and most fabulous) couple I know!

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