Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Look!

My little corner of the internet is sporting a new look! My goal was to make the blog more visually interesting and more user friendly. I'm so excited to have the page links, right under the blog title! They aren't filled in yet, but eventually a centralized list of all of my wedding posts will be featured under "Our Wedding" and I am going to post links to all of the places I have reviewed under "Around Town". I plan to post new reviews and tag them to that page as well. Once everything is transferred over, I will likely delete my yelp account and just post them on This Is How It Goes. I've also added search capabilities and updated my reading list. Ooo and now, if you like a post you can easily share it on google buzz, facebook, or twitter using the little buttons at the end of each post. 

Hope you like the new design! Happy reading!


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