Sunday, January 13, 2008

Earwax Cafe

There must be something addictive about the food at Earwax because since the first time I went there, about six months ago, I've had weekly cravings for their yummy, home-cooked comfort food.

Before my first visit to Earwax, friends and yelpers alike warned me that I might find the atmosphere too pretentious for my taste. I heard tall tales of the scary scenesters and horrible hipsters that call this place home. But, Earwax has much more of a hippy dippy feeling to me than anything else. It is like the Heartland Caf minus the politics. Admittedly, you do see the occasional scruffy boy reading Catch 22 (didn't we all read that in high school?) and groups of young twenty somethings that look like they might work at American Apparel, but everyone seems content to live and let live. Earwax has a really relaxed, homey atmosphere that nicely compliments their food.

Which brings me to the good stuff. Other yelpers have complained about the quality and taste of the food, but I think it is some of the best casual, vegan/vegetarian friendly food I've had. The Garbage Salad with chicken is my stand by, but their BBQ Satan Burrito, Tuna Melt, and omelets are sure things as well. Some things on the menu cost a few dollars more than you would like, but I think the extra money is usually worth it. Plus, Earwax is BYOB so you can save money bringing your own drinks.

However, I do have two gripes about Earwax. It can get a bit crowded and I absolutely hate waiting to be seated. If you want to beat the crowds, steer clear of here on the weekends--especially during brunch. Also, it is cash only and that is just sort of a pain. Other than those two minor problems, Earwax is a great, funky place to go with friends.

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