Friday, January 11, 2008

ZK Food (now closed)

In the last six months I've gone to ZKFood about a half-dozen times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since I live in the neighborhood, it's a convenient place to grab dependably pretty good food, but it's definitely not worth a commute--especially because the service is very green. No one who works here seems to have any idea about how to wait tables. The waitresses always seem confused and a bit ditzy. BUT, if you don't mind getting the toast that is supposed to come with your eggs after you have already half finished your breakfast or if waiting 15 minutes for the check doesn't completely stress you out, you'll be able to appreciate your tasty meal. If these sorts of newbie service slips make your blood boil, skip ZKFood and try Earwax or Piece instead.

If the idea of bad service hasn't scared you off, I would definitely recommend going for breakfast or lunch. I've had dinner there once and I wasn't that impressed. TVs on the walls but votive candles on the tables . . . oh my. Its not quite a deli but not quite chic, not quite gourmet but not quite comfort food, and not quite good enough for the money you'll be throwing down. On the other hand, their breakfast and lunch food is pretty good! The weird relaxed atmosphere works for those meals. For breakfast, try their huge and fluffy pancakes and for lunch try their turkey reuben. I've had both of these a few times and they always hit the spot.

Besides the all around yummy food, another nice aspect about ZKFood is the clientele. Compared to other places in the neighborhood, the brunch crowd is WAY less obnoxious and I've never once spotted a disapproving hipster or overly obnoxious family. It's definitely not "scene" and as a regular girl who lives in the neighborhood, I appreciate the low-key atmosphere. They have applied for a liquor license though, so we will see how long that lasts.

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