Sunday, July 13, 2008

Literary Tattoos

Work is pretty slow today. We haven't gotten many calls and so the volunteers are restless. I guess not that many people are in crisis today. I should be happy about that, but man - when work is slow on the weekends it sucks. The day just drags on. Here I am, sitting by this beautiful floor to ceiling window and I can't go outside. I never realized how much I liked being out and about until I was caged indoors 40 hours a week. On days like this, my brain feels like its melting from all of the online trolling. I did happen to stumble (and no, not google stumble) on a cool blog filled with pictures and stories of literary themed tattoos. Some of them are really lovely and feature great quotes.

Looking at things like this makes me want a new tattoo. I currently have some hebrew lettering just below the nape that translates to "strong woman". Before I got that tattoo, I carried around the lettering for months waiting for the right time to actually get it done (which happened to be when I was on a trip to Montreal). That was about 4 years ago. I was always planning on getting more but nothing seemed right. I've though of getting some sort of small screws/bolts around where my long back scar is. I've thought of getting a large piece done on my back of old school birds holding banners as a tribute to my mother and father. I've thought of getting some sort of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) themed tattoo, like maybe a neuron or something with the brain. And, I've thought of getting a meaningful quotation done, although it is hard to decide what I would choose for that. I like all of these ideas and I sort of want them all, but I don't want to do all of them--I want one more. It doesn't seem right to get a tattoo without being entirely sure, but part of me thinks that I should just hemming and hawing. I sort of want to wait until something important happens to get a new tattoo, something to commemorate a life transition. Future life transitions that could be occasion for a tattoo are: reaching my health/fitness goals, going to graduate school, or getting engaged.

Uhoh. I hear my supervisory duties calling . . .

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