Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So . . .Neill and I took advantage of the beautiful 70 degree weather and took an impromptu trip to check out some possible wedding venues.

Our first stop was Promontory Point. swoon! Beautiful? check. In the city? check. outdoor and indoor spaces? check. nonstuffy? check. I loved it!

Since we were on the south side we also went by the South Shore Cultural Center. Neill had a really adverse reaction to the building and kept saying that it looked like a prison. So while it is already off the list, I will say that in my opinion they have a beautiful salarium with a great view of the lake and would be perfect for people who wanted a unique venue that still felt a bit hotely.

Anyhoo, I'll definitely dish more but Ive got to get ready now...time for Sultan's Market and then show billing for RTD's Double Door show!


Rico said...

the issue with the south shore cultural center is that the inside is not as awesome as the outside or the view.

my mom talks about me getting married here all the time and everytime i'm like 1.) I'm not engaged and 2.) I don't think so.

But also, I love the Point. woooooooooooo

Stephanie said...

Uhhh was the show last night???? Bummer if so. Next time I'm adding it to my phone. Down with Facebook!

The Introitus said...

haha no the show is on wednesday! we were out putting fliers up for it.

are you coming out on wednesday for the show?!?

The Introitus said...

Rico - Neill actually didn't like the outside, but liked the inside. I thought both were nice. but the big ball room is sorta just okay because it has a weird pepto pink ceiling.