Sunday, March 1, 2009

winner winner chicken dinner

Man oh man is it gooood to be at home.

Neill and I left for Las Vegas last Tuesday for a mini-vacay. Before we left, I was super duper nervous about our trip. I had this idea that las vegas was going to be really trashy skeezy place and I was going to be a lamb lost among lions. I was so happy to find out that I was wrong! Sure, there was a bit of trashiness (and on Saturday, when we left, I did notice the skirts were noticeably shorter, the heals a few inches taller, and the boobs larger), but for the most part it wasn't night club trashy. I mean, there were old people. and families. and asian tourists. and people wearing fanny packs. Really, what this all comes down to, is that I was extremely relieved to find I was not the lamest of the lame. Yessss!

Highlights of the trip include:
+the beautiful pool area that really made us feel like we were vacationing at a resort.
+seeing the sun after months of this grey chicago winter
+hot tub
+drinking huge pina coladas by the pool at ten in the morning and getting the giggles
+taking irreplaceable video footage of our trip
+lion den at MGM Grand
+the ENTIRE lobby at the Bellagio (ceiling to floor chocolate fountain, amazing green house room, beautiful glass flowers) including the sweet water show
+free drinks while gambling
+hot hotel sex
+dinner at Bouchon
+slot machines
+playing games in the completely empty arcade

Negatives were:
-paying $$$ for water
-having to pay 15 bucks a day for the internet. Why MGM Grand can't give complimentary internet access if beyond me.
-paying $$$ for food and drinks
-forgetting to pack a jacket. It gets chilly at night!
-waiting in line for 30 minutes in the Las Vegas airport for a subway sandwich

Pictures to come soon!


Anonymous said...

the trip was fabulous! also great for me was seeing my uncle and his wife and one of my cousins :-)

... i'd love to go to vegas every year ...

The California King said...

vegas is magical. i am supposed to go meet hassan in a couple of weeks.