Wednesday, April 22, 2009

just the way it is

so . . .in a few moments neill and I are heading out to Midway to catch a flight to Buffalo, NY. We are going to meet up with his family to watch his younger brother's play their last ever college tennis match. Woot. They are seated second (i think) going into the MAC big last tournament conference big big game. Yay for them! ive been a bit slow picking up on the whole tennis thing, but it will be fun to hang out with everyone and (hopefully) watch them win. cause you know how winning is everything. {side note: i realize im going to be missing miriam. boo. im baaad}

in other news, no tv is still going strong. getting easier as time goes by. I didn't even WANT to watch tv yesterday. as stephanie wrote, i should be reading instead of interneting. but i sort of secretly don't totally love reading so . . . guess the cats out of the bag. Don't get my wrong, i love a quick read just as much as the next guy. but, i also feel as though those sorts of books aren't even worth reading (or buying for that matter). so, hence my dillema. what is a stuck up reader who doesn't really like reading stuck up books to do!??!

more interestingly than my tv strike, i have some big news to share with everyone. yesterday, neill and I met with a Rabbi to talk about our wedding! eeee! He was very, very nice. Young, down to earth, easy to talk to, laid back. All good things. So . . it looks like we have someone to officiate at our wedding! yay! it means so much to me to be able to have a traditional jewish wedding. we are still waiting to finalize the reception plans...but I'm hoping to share the info with you soon! (and refer you to our super cute fabulous wedding website!) Neill is a techie god. <3

Other news? Once I've stopped working, I'm starting a "explore new things" goal. Mission: try every single bar in the neighborhood one at a time. starting point will be whatever is closest to us and then we will work our way up and down North Ave, Damen, and Milwaukee. im ridiculously excited. any places you guys are interested in checking out with us?

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