Saturday, April 18, 2009

this is hard

came home from work. eating pretzels. yearned to turn the television on. forced myself to listen to music instead.

but is lurking on people online really that much better than vegging in front of the tube!?!?


Anonymous said...

i think it is cause at least your brain is partially alive and focused on (relatively) relevant things, no?! ... of course, never been much of a lurker myself so i'm not sure what it entails! :-P

Rico said...

this is a thought provoking question. as a lover of tv (and a lurker) I feel much less worse sitting around and watching tv all day. For one thing, you pay for cable, so you should probably use it and for another thing, lurking in a sense is just an extreme form of being nosy. Not that there is anything wrong with this, I think that they are both just kind of mindless. However, I will say that I have had some pretty thought provoking moments/conversations about tv shows and the only thing that has ever come out of lurking is gossip and an intense knowledge of celebrities.

Stephanie said...

You should read... lol.

I have a lot to chat with you about.


I want to try to make your cupcakes.

I miss you.

Annnnnd good job on the no TV. I'm getting sick of mine as well. Maybe I should give it up. Work is just so stressful though.

KK chat with you soon!