Sunday, April 5, 2009

to buy or not to buy

So remember my shopping bug? During my last jaunt at the gap I tried on this dress. They only had my size I wanted in a yellow/grey color pallete so I didn't buy it, but I left with the intention of buying the blue one on line once I got home. Now, of course, I'm having second thoughts.
+ Has sleeves! Its so hard to find a summer dress with sleeves.
+could be dressed up or down
+still modest. I don't like feeling all exposed and because of the high neck this dress feels pretty modest. Also, me legs arent as all as long as the models so it only comes about an inch or two above my knee.
+could be worn at an engagement party or in puerto rico! (yes, I'm already shopping for a trip that isn't planned)
-60 dollars.
-I probably wouldn't wear it more than two or three times this summer. I'm not a big dress lover so its not like I would be wearing it all the time. Let's face it, I don't have that many places I need to wear a dress


mirm said...

yes it's cute

Anonymous said...

on that model, i think the long sleeves and short skirt just looks odd at best. it would look better closer to the knee as you said it was on you. get it if you like it!

Stephanie said...

1. GAP = Good material and it will hold up
2. Very respectable and you can wear it to a lot of events
3. Love the color
4. It would go nice with your skin
5. I'm proud of you

Get it!!