Friday, June 19, 2009

vacation is over

Now that I'm back and settled from Florida, it is time to get back to . . . Wedding Planning.

Oh yes. The capital letters are fully deserved.

You know the thing I enjoy most about planning our wedding? Working with Neill. This has been such a learning experience for me! I thought I had a handle on our communication. I thought that we were ahead of the bell curve when it came to expressing ourselves and recognizing each others' feelings. But man did trying to talk about planning a wedding drudge up all sorts of communication obstacles.

All of a sudden everything is loaded.

All of a sudden there are so many unspoken assumptions.

All of a sudden family drama is involved.

All of a sudden we seem to be unable to accurately say what we mean or be correctly understood.

For a while there, it was a total break down of communication. And that is not to say we weren't talking to each other. Oh we were talking alright . . . . talking loudly. But, I don't think either one of us were really listening all that much. And I don't think either one of us was really saying what we truly meant (or even cognizant of what we truly wanted).

Thankfully, we are both so stubborn that we never gave up. And after a few loudly spoken conversations, we finally had some "aha" moments. Ohhhh so when you say a photographer is an unimportant detail you mean that getting married is the most important thing to you, not that you don't care about the wedding. Light bulb!

At this point, I'm so grateful that we have this wedding to plan so that we can continue to work on our teamwork. Because, seriously, when Neill and I are working as a team we ROCK. And I'm being completely objective when I say that. Whenever we come together as a team I am always amazed that our end product is truly better than anything I could have done myself. And that is why I know his input in our wedding is vital. And that is why I will continue to work on myself so that is it easier for us to come together as a team.

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