Monday, January 11, 2010

dolla dolla bill

In my last few posts I've been hyper aware of how much I have mentioned money. money and the difficult decision of spending money versus saving money. as i was writing, i couldn't help but think about how my words made me look. will people think i'm a penny pincher? will people think i'm broke? will people think its boring to hear about money problems dilemmas?

I found myself asking these same questions on saturday night when I went out with some of my classmates.

We ate at a lovely wine bar in wicker park--a place neill and i have never been to because of how expensive the menu looked--and I found myself mentioning money on more then one occasion. Something along the lines of "Oh, we don't eat out much anymore because it's just so expensive". On top of that, a trip to Vegas that my classmates are planning for Spring Break came up - a trip that I simply can't afford. Perhaps someone with more tact would skip over that bit of information and make an excuse for not attending, but obviously that's just not my style. We just can't afford it - I'm not embarrassed about it so I don't see any reason to hide that fact.   (Of course, I secretly want to ask everyone how they can afford it because I know we all make less than 20,000 a year. But, I have enough sense to keep such a prying question to myself!).

Money is a fact of life and so we should be able to talk about it frankly, right? But, it's easier said than done. People are sensitive about money. Secretive sometimes. Even among my bestest friends, we don't get down to the nitty gritty details of it. We talk about the size of our jeans or the number of partners we've had - but never the size of our bank accounts. Why is that?

I've been inspired and so I plan on writing a few posts on money. I'm certainly no expert, but I can speak from personal experience. I can write about what I'm saving for, what my goals are. I can write about money and relationships. money and independence. I hope you guys find it interesting!

dolla dolla bill y'all