Sunday, April 25, 2010

toast with butter

The closer and closer our wedding gets, the less and less I have any interest in reading wedding blogs. So you got engaged? Been there, done that. Writing about your bridesmaid dress search? We've already got ours picked out. How to find a photographer? Wrote a post just like it six months ago. All the planning details just seem much less relevant to what is going on in my life.

Lately, I've found myself more attracted to blogs written by smart, witty women who write about life after the wedding. I'm not quite ready to stop following all of my wedding blogs just quite yet, but I need to find replacements stat!

Right now, I'm digging:


(I also had toast with butter for dinner. hence the title)

(also. these blogs could either be a be a product or a cause of my baby dreams. i realize that. no need to point it out.) 


emily said...

baby!! dreams!!!


The Introitus said...

yes, and your wonderful blog doesn't help any!!!! :)