Sunday, April 4, 2010

23: A year in review

I love when I find old random posts on my blog that I had completely forgotten about! Like this gem right here! That is a post I wrote when I turned 23 in 2009. I set out some goals for myself and they were (and I quote):

Goals for 23?
Go back to school in some manner (please)
find happiness in the small moments (always)
treasure the people in my life (its only right)
grow more plants
and stop dressing like its 1995!

How did I do?
I am back in school. Check!
I think I do find more happiness in the small things and look for happiness wherever I can. Check!
Again, this one is hard to measure, but I think I am doing better at appreciating my VIPs. Check!
Definitely accomplished number four - our living room is like a forest! Check!
This last one makes me laugh - I think I'm still working on this. Case in point: the other day I wore a pair of jeans I bought from American Eagle at the end of my senior year in high school (2004). Thankfully I'm not wearing jeans from 1995, but now that I'm 24 it seems even more unacceptable to still wear clothing from high school. So . . . . no check.

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