Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bridal Shower Beauty

One of the fun things about my bridal shower this past Sunday is I got to get beautified before hand! Heather Massa came to my house at 9 am on the dot on Sunday morning and worked her magic! Because I've never even met Heather before this, I really wanted a chance to do a pre-trial before the actual bridal trial to make sure we meshed well. This was the perfect excuse! I am so glad I decided to go this route. Of course no one needs to get their hair and makeup professionally done for their bridal shower, but if I had to worry about whether or not I was going to like my hair and makeup on my wedding day this whole month I probably would have gone crazy. (and yes - i would have worried about it all month) So it was totally worth it to me! On the plus side, my FMIL got to meet her too and decided she wants to get her hair and makeup done for the wedding now! That's just how awesome Heather is :)

Because I love all of you and I have very little shame, I will post a before and after picture for y'all to marvel at.

This is tough to look at! I'm starting to doubt my decision to never wear makeup! I was *in love* with the way I looked after Heather was done. I probably would have stared at myself in the mirror for at least 30 minutes if we weren't in somewhat of a rush to leave.

So how did I get so done up? Well, first she curled and set my hair. Then, she did my make up. I think she used mostly MAC products. Then, finally, I twirled for the camera!

I'm usually not a girly-girl, but I could get used to this! I don't think I was the only one in love with my look either - Neill took quite a liking to it :) I think he told me I looked beautiful every minute. It's funny because I always thought Neill didn't like when I wore makeup, but now I realize he just doesn't like how it looks when I do my own makeup!!!

Anyhoo, after getting dolled up we loaded into the car and zipped over to the shower! I'll recap that part next!

(p.s. - not that you are wondering, but I wore this dress and loved it.)

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