Saturday, May 1, 2010

saturday night live

so here i am, just sitting on the couch innocently writing my thank you notes for the bridal shower and bam - i get all sentimental about the wedding coming so soon. According to my nifty wedding countdown, there are only 41 days left until neill and i get married. And while I can't wait to actually be married, I may or may not be getting a little misty eyed over how fast these next few weeks are bound to go by. wedding planning has, on a whole, been a wonderfully fun adventure. It was actually quite an experience to let myself fantasize about completely frivolous details and gush over all the wedding cutesyness out there in wedding blog world. And soon all of that will be over. For better or for worse, this wedding has been on my mind for more than a year. It developed residency in my brain and, honestly, I'll miss it once it moves out.


Note to self: Enjoy every single last minute of wedding planning.

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