Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beauty Brigade

A while ago, I mentioned that I got my hair and makeup done by the wonderfully talented and super sweet Heather Massa for my bridal shower. Today, we did the the wedding trial run. Well, let me tell you - Heather brought her A game! I cannot say enough good things about her. First, let me show you my hairspiration.

I must be having a thing for blondes right now :) I sent her these pictures and told her I wanted my hair to: (1) have volume up top, (2) be pinned off my neck, (3) have some texture/curl in it, (4) be off to the side in some sort of bun thing, and (5) be secure as hell. The last thing I need is a big gust of windy city wind blowing out the whole thing!

Here are  blackberry pictures of what I ended up with! I apologize for the crummy pictures. It is very hard to take a good self-portrait with our big heavy camera!

I luuurve it! Looking back at the inspiration pictures above, I think it resembles the picture of Amanda Seyfried, but to the left. While I love the look of the messy side bun a la mischa barton , I also know myself well enough to know that (a) I'd worry and obsess about whether or not my hair was falling out and (b) if it is hot I don't want a single strand of hair to touch my neck. So, I think I sacrificed some loosey goosey hippie chic style for a more coiffed look. But, the piece of mind is worth it. Plus, I really can't overstate just how freaking windy it gets by the lake here in Chicago. Like blow your skirt up, umbrella inside out, leaves whipping around in circles windy. I think this style can stand up to the winds though. Heather used about a million bobby pins and TON of hairspray. About 10 hours later, and it has barely moved.

Mission accomplished!

When Neill got home from work I had him take some better pictures of me, but I'm still waiting for him to send them my way. I'll post them as soon as I get them :)

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