Saturday, July 17, 2010

Miller Time: The First Look

Have you fallen behind on the recap train? Read all about what happened before our first look:  I ran errands, we rehearsed, we ate pizza, the girls got beautiful, the boys looked sharp, and somehow I managed to actually get into my dress.  

Once I was finally dressed, I grabbed my bouquet and hightailed it to the room Neill was waiting for me in. I'm pretty sure I was all shaky and giddy walking over to him. I've gotta admit - it was pretty awesome :) Once I saw him, it was like nothing else that day mattered. I hate myself for sounding so corny, but its true. I sort of just stopped caring about whether or not we were going to have awesome pictures or if our families would have fun at the reception or if the cake was going to taste good or if it was going to rain. We were together and that was what mattered. Thinking about it now gets me all happy inside.(And if you know me, you know that's hard to do with my heart of coal and what not)

Neill waiting patiently for me

Here I come! Look at Neill' super happy goofy grin :)


so happy!

After our first look, we took just a few pictures together around the hotel. I love how deliriously happy we both look in this picture. These are real smiles :)

loverz for life

We even got some artsy fartsy shots

Then, it was time to grab the bridal party and head for the hills! Check back to see what shenanigans we got ourselves into.

[photos by Alix Klingenberg]


OMGmom said...

just found your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine. Dude, your husband's hair is INSANE! Loves it. I love wedding recaps.

Married In Chicago said...

Thanks, Mandy :)