Friday, July 16, 2010

Miller Time: Putting On The Dress

A little behind on what happened? Catch up! I ran errands, we rehearsed, we ate pizza, the girls got beautiful, and the boys looked sharp.   

So there I am. Just tra-la-la-ing along. Having a good time. Not concerned about the time one bit because I knew these ladies are looking out for me and really - how long could it take to get into a wedding dress anyways? That is - until someone mentions that it is almost 1:45.

Say what?!?

1:45 is when Neill and I scheduled our first look! And I just SPRINTED. I went into attack mode. My mission was to go get my man and I was full throttle ahead.  And it wasn't until that moment that I realized that I didn't just have to easy peasy slip my dress on. I had to put my underthings on, I had to get my earring in, my bracelet on, my dress on, the sash tied, my shoes, and spritz on the magic. oh geez.

Did I mention my dress had buttons? Lots of tight buttons. Hmm. This might be more difficult than I originally thought. It was of course at this exact moment that I realized my bridesmaids weren't dressed either. On that note - where were my bridesmaids? I later found out that had gone down to check out of the hotel, but at the time I felt a little . . . stressed. Here it was crunch time and where had they gone? Thankfully, they soon reappeared.

This was probably the most stressful point of the day. I really don't like rushing. But, because I was so excited I think the stress just felt like more adrenaline.

Anyways, if it hadn't been for those blasted buttons I probably would have been right on time. But, I had three people trying to button me up and it still took forever! At least it made for some beautiful "getting into the dress" shots!

Finally, I slipped on my earrings and I was ready to go.

I don't even think I took a minute to check out the final package. All I wanted to do was go see Neill!

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