Saturday, July 10, 2010

Miller Time: The Girls Getting Ready

A little behind? Catch up on what happened before this! I ran errands, we rehearsed, and we ate pizza. 

I know the last few posts have been really text heavy, but now that we are entering "pro pics" territory I'm going to try and let the pictures do most of the talking! 

Anyhoo, the morning of our wedding was slow and relaxed. Everything just sort of rolled along. I  hung out with my bridesmaids, Heather Massa (hair & makeup), and Alix Klingenberg (photographer). Others were in and out - my mom and MIL both came for hair and makeup so I got to spend time with each of them. Plus, the wonderful Morgan of Luxe Events was around. I also got the pleasure of meeting my niece for the very first time! If no one has said it before, I'll say it now - holding a baby on your wedding day is good luck! But even with all the people around,  it was very chill. At least, I was feeling relaxed and if others weren't, they had the good sense not to tell me.

 happy bride!

Grace getting her makeup did

You always read that it is SOOOO important to eat on your wedding day. And I agree. I mean - really, I think its important to eat everyday. but whatever. and I can say that I don't think I've ever "lost my appetite" before this, but that morning nothing sounded appetizing. I wasn't expecting that. During planning I thought I might want a sandwich from the corner bakery around the corner and I even asked Cathy to come with a list of lunch possibilities, but that morning I couldn't excited about eating anything. But don't worry - with much encouragement from my loving ladies, I managed to choke down some french fries and half a PB&J. Ahh room service.

  feed me a fry!

 mother and daughter 

 look at that poof! oh man i loved my hair!

For those of you interested in the time line - it went like this - Heather came at 9ish and the beautification started. Alix came at noon and the modeling started. To take my mind of things, I had the movie Date Night playing in the background and I just trusted that others would keep me on track. Really - I don't think I checked the time once!

Come back soon to find out what the boys were up to all morning and whether my laid back attitude was a good idea!

[All photos by Alix Klingenberg]

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