Saturday, September 26, 2009

American Eagle

1000 W North Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622

stepping foot into american eagle makes me feel old old old. And i'm only 23. I'm pretty sure they should have a sign on their door prohibiting anyone older than 18 (maaaaybe 19) from entering their store. but, they don't - so I went in.

honestly, I've never been a big fan. But, I will admit, they sometimes have some cute stuff on sale. Like yesterday, when I bought this cute navy and white flowered dress for 15 bucks. Am i actually going to wear it? irrelevant! It was only 15 bucks!

This AE location is somewhat more obnoxious than other stores I've been into because of the high percentage of giggly suburban girls and dumb suburban boys. yes people - these stereotypes exist and they congregate at american eagle store at old orchard. But, if you can lower your self respect long enough to check out the sale rack, you might find something you like.

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