Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jenny Yoo - Bridal

I had a really positive experience at Jenny Yoo last week trying on dresses. Jenny Yoo has affordable wedding dresses that are minimalistic (in a good way) and comfortable. I was attracted to a lot of the chiffon dresses and they were just as light and airy as they looked online! You have to make an appointment to try and dresses so you get the whole show room to yourself. Diana is very laid back and just sort of let me do my thing, while offering helpful comments and questions when appropriate. I really really liked a strapless dress I tried on, but I feel like I need to try on a few more dresses before making a final decision. Its so hard to decide when you can't try on the right size/color combo!

As others mentioned, they also have beautiful bridesmaid dresses. But, while the dressings are inexpensive in comparison to other stores the bridesmaid dresses were a bit more money then I would ask my ladies to spend.

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