Friday, September 25, 2009

Sher-A-Punjab Indian Restaurant

My fiance swears by this place so I've been here a few times. Last night we were craving some deliciousness, so we made the drive up north to Devon Ave. As we were walking to Sher-A-Punjab I saw all these other fantastic buffet places and I felt they were calling to me. But no....Sher-A-Punjab it is.

And boy was it.

I filled my plate, sat, down, and took spoonful after spoonful of deliciousness. Sopping up all the curry with the naan. I didn't try any of the tandoori chicken, but my fiance ate it all! I might have filled my plate more than once, but we don't have to go into that here :)

Oh, and I had the little dessert balls to top everything off. Honestly, I've got no idea what these are. They taste like donutholes that have been soaking in a honey mixture. Texturally, they are mushy and wet. Taste wise? Sweet tooth heaven.

Sher-A-Punjab is definitely worth trying. If you don't like it, no biggie. You'll only be out 10 bucks. But if you do like it, nom nom nom nom. You have so much to gain! (in pounds that is)

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