Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas (a little late)

So for those of you who didn't know, I had to work on christmas. This meant that I was not able to spend Christmas eve or Christmas day with Neill or his family (as his brothers and him traveled back to WV on Wednesday).

However, Neill's family --in their infinite kindness--postponed their Christmas celebration until today! So, after work on Thursday I made my way over to O'Hare and hopped on a flight to Columbus, OH. Unbelievably, my flight left on time! Mom, Jared, Kurt, and Neill came to pick me up in their pimp escalade and we got back to their house around midnight.

After some quick hanging out, I crashed hard and slept late. Yessss. Today was mainly spent eating a HUGE meal (turkey, mashed potatoes, beans, curry chicken, croissants, stuffing, corn souffle), lazing around reading/watching tv/playing dominoes/watching tv/etc., and opening presents!

omg. I'm so relaxed. I can't believe the last time I've spent a whole day doing NOTHING. le sigh. This is the good life :)

Anyhoo, Neill's mom just finished showing neill and I how to make jamaican beef patties (but with turkey). yum.

I hope all of you are enjoying the holidays!!!!!

(As a side note, the only problem with my travels were my new boots. My feet were soooooooooooo hot on the plane. boo.)


Rico said...

jamaican beef patties with turkey?

that sounds cray cray
but possibly still delicious

The California King said...

those patties sound amazing!