Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RtD Review!

Ready the Destroyer's CD, Through This Night, was just reviewed by Jack Rabid, the publisher and editor of The Big Take-Over!

Check out what he had to say:

"This is punchy punk the way I've always liked it best: deft, well-played, melodic, and not the least bit simple. This multi-racial (hurrah to that!) Chicago trio work in a fair bit of '80s emo on their debut. too, so they sound younger, less "old school" '77 ramalama. Leader Neill Miller already sounded like a bad ass guitar guy (he plays circles around most) and ballsy singer long before I got a gander at his equally bad-ass afro out of The Mod Squad. Yowsa! Meanwhile, his nondescript looking rhythm section of Aaron Cleall bass and Nic Lama drums are no slouches in talent quotient, either, holding down a pulsing basis for Miller's stabbing, ripping leads and dangerous rhythm parts. Hard-hitting, serious, and smart, RtD are, like The Soft Boys, ready to destroy you". (readythedestroyer.com)

-Jack Rabid, Big Takeover, Issue #63



Anonymous said...

aww, thanks babe!


The California King said...

that awesome! i cannot believe he mentioned the fro. way to go neill!

Rico said...

yeah, pretty much the best part is about neill's fro. yay for neill's band! and yay for alisha in general