Monday, December 1, 2008

don't call it a come back

So I guess I forgot about this blog for a while. Ooops. Don't worry though, nothing too interesting happened in October or November. The highlights follow

+ End of September/beginning of October I visited my in Florida for Rosh Hashana.
+Oct 2 was Ready The Destroyer's CD release show at Reggie's Rock Club
+I saw Ani Difranco at the Chicago Theater on October 6th
-I got my wisdom teeth pulled on October 17th and spend the next two weeks pretty much dead to the world. Ugh.
+Halloween on October 31st!
-I missed Knox's Home Coming on Halloween weekend because I had to work. boo.
+Neill's 30th Birthday extravaganza on November 2nd! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO!
-Working on graduate school applications. boooring.
+Nov 25th Neill and I went to see LuLu at the Lyric Opera.
+Thanksgiving with Neill and James and then the next day with family!
+November 29th checked out Sydney's new apartment for her birthday and saw lots of people from high school. Slightly awkward, but fun night.
+Dorothy's birthday dinner on the 30th!

So that pretty much catches everyone up and brings us to today. James and Jung are supposed to be coming over later and we are going to cook/chill. Fun!

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Anonymous said...

yay, so much good stuff going on!! i'm proud of you cutie pie!