Friday, February 13, 2009

micro blog

so i've got to sit down and write a well thought out blog post - but not right now. I just wanted to share two things:

1. i just returned from my first ever trip to CostCo. holy food fuck. how have i lived without this place for so long!?!??! I'm a changed woman.

2. At CostCo, i bought my first wedding magazine. I picked it up and i almost started to cry. it was quite a moment in the middle of the totally hectic crazy scene that is CostCo.

anyways right now i really need to get some reading done but i also want to go to the gym. what's a girl to do? fine. ill bring my reading to the gym and try to concentrate on the sentences while my head is bobbing up and down and ultimately i'll just give up and throw it to the floor. but at least i will have tried.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

costco ... was ... amazing! :-D~