Thursday, February 12, 2009

its a sunshine day (well actually its cloudy outside but whatever)

sorry for the horribly depressing post yesterday.

don't worry, my negativity didn't stick with me! i spent all day today trying to blind people with my bling (in the nicest way of course) and gushing about being engaged.

ooo sparkles!

stephanie remind me about that thing . . .something about sparkles . . . or something. from anjalie or however you spell her name. remember?!?!

more later. maybe.


The California King said...

wasn't it shiny sparkly?

Anonymous said...

at one point i thought _i_ was going to go blind from the glare! ;-)


Stephanie said...

I want to see the sparkles!!! Also do you like shiny or sparkly? I like shiny it's more distracting.
If you could have sex with one Disney character who would it be?

Can we plan a dinner?! Neil could come and we could eat ethnic food!